GNW offers precision machining capabilities, specializing in precision CNC Milling, Turning, Screw Machining and Assemblies. We specialize in stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and plastics to deliver everything from simple parts to complex designs. We offer prototypes, short runs and large-scale production.

CNC Milling

GNW Machine has the versatility to take any project and support it from prototype, engineering and design, to mass production and large volumes.

CNC Turning

We can bar feed up to 3 inches and our chuck can hold up to 11.5″ inch diameter. We pride ourselves on the tight-tolerance, high-quality parts we produce.

SCrew machining

Ability to run large-volume projects while keeping quality and cost in the forefront. Screw machines are, hands down, the most cost-efficient, while maintaining high tolerance and quality.


All of our contract manufacturing and assembly services comply with ISO, Mil-Spec, and ASTM standards.

multi-axis machining

Capabilities of live tooling and performing complex, precision machining on the front and back of each work piece—simultaneously—in a single machine setup.


We have 40 years of real-world design and prototyping experience, providing us with unique insights into the quality that we deliver to our customers.

Find out more about our capabilities and approach by contacting GNW Machine today at 651-426-8708 to arrange a tour of our facility or speak with a project engineer.