GNW supports our customers with precise engineering and designs to bring the highest quality, cost-effective products to market.

Our experienced prototype department has the equipment to help you create and produce quality prototypes for testing, validation or investment. We have 40 years of real-world design and prototyping experience, providing us with unique insights into the quality that we deliver to our customers.

Our in-house team of engineers and craftsmen utilize CNC and screw machining to produce precise components and parts. Our expert team of assembly technicians then takes those parts to assemble and deliver top-quality finished products, ready for inspection and shipping.

We can provide quick prototype turnaround based on your timetable and requirements. To learn more about our prototyping services, contact us. We’ll schedule a no-obligation project review meeting to present a fair and informative proposal for your project needs to ensure you have an understanding of our capabilities and solutions offered.

Find out more about our capabilities and approach by contacting GNW Machine today at 651-426-8708 to arrange a tour of our facility or speak with a project engineer.