Precision CNC Machining Services

Founded in 1979, GNW Machine, Inc. specializes in precision CNC milling, turning, screw machining, assemblies and prototyping. We have built a reputation for quality and innovation, while remaining flexible and easy to work with.

Quality Equipment Ensures Quality Components

In the competitive machining services marketplace, quality equipment is simply the price of admission. Without investing in and maintaining the latest technologies, machining service providers will be unable to stay competitive and deliver consistent quality. We recognize and respect this by empowering our machinists with innovative equipment in a highly efficient and modern 42,000-square-foot Minnesota facility.

Rewarding Innovation

We believe that innovation is the true differentiator in our industry. Our customers aren’t just looking for someone who uses the well-worn manufacturing processes of the past. They are looking for current, technical expertise that provides solutions that make their components and products stand out from the crowd. That’s why GNW encourages employee creativity and places so much value on our innovative input and solutions, allowing us to expand our collective capabilities.

Machining Flexibility

At GNW, we manufacture precision parts from a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Stainless Steel – all types (for its strength and corrosion-resistant properties)
  • Aluminum (for its lightweight properties and lower price point)
  • Brass (for its ability to hold tolerances and intricate features)
  • Copper (for its versatility, durability and electrical conductivity)
  • Steel (for its durability and cost effectiveness)
  • Plastic – Ultem®, UHMW, acetal, Nylatron®, nylon, and many others (for its flexibility, strength and longevity)

We are able to produce everything from simple parts to complex designs – whether prototypes, short runs or large-scale production. 

Find out more about our capabilities and approach by contacting GNW Machine today at 651-426-8708 to arrange a tour of our facility or speak with a project engineer.